Y Combinator’s Sam Altman names University of Waterloo as standout school for engineers and startup ideas

Y Combinator’s Sam Altman gets to see some of the best technology that is created by the some of world’s smartest and most creative people.   That he singles out the University of Waterloo as the one school that stands out among applicants and graduates of Y Combinator probably comes as a surprise to many Americans. In a time where it’s extremely challenging to hire top tier engineers in the US, the best option for your startup may be hiring engineers in Canada who graduated from top engineering schools like the University of Waterloo.


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Top 3 Schools That Silicon Valley Tech Firms Hire From

Informative article on what it takes to hire a software engineer in Silicon Valley.   It’s not just about paying a high salary – you also need to provide a challenging role that offers the engineer the opportunity for personal growth and product impact.   One noteworthy piece of info was WHERE the software engineers come from.   For undergrads, it was the usual suspects: #1 was Berkeley and #2 was UCLA. The surprise #3 was University of Waterloo. We shouldn’t be to surprised, as University of Waterloo is Canada’s top engineering school and serves as a feeder for Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.


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