At Syndesus, we’re doing something different.

Syndesus solves a problem that all tech startups and high growth companies have: How to hire and retain top tier software engineers and developers.

How we solve it is unique: We utilize remote engineers in Canada.

We are unique in another way: We do not believe in outsourcing. In our model, the engineers work directly for the US company, and they can even get your stock options. We believe outsourcing breaks the bonds between employer and employee.

“Syndesus has provided us with a fantastic source of quality talent for which to recruit. With their help we have been able to grow our team in both quality and numbers.”

-PAUL BERGERON, Director of Engineering, Triggit


Why did I choose Canada as the source for remote engineers? I lived there for 5 years, and worked both in venture capital in Toronto and in the startup community. I’ve met many Canadian engineers who yearned for the opportunity to work with a team of smart people solving complex engineering problems, but were dissatisfied with the jobs available to them from Canadian startups and tech companies. And Canada has many top tier engineering schools.

I’ve also lived in the Bay Area for 11 years and New York for 3 years. Many tech companies have trouble finding software engineers. And if you find the ideal engineer to join your company, they are hounded every day by recruiters from other well funded startups and from Google, Facebook, and Apple, making retention a problem. Those who tried outsourcing to India or Eastern Europe mostly regretted it.

Check out the Why Canada tab for a complete rundown on the benefits of Canada.

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Marc Pavlopoulos, Founder

Marc is the founder of Syndesus. He moved to Silicon Valley to work at his first startup in 1997. Since then, he has helped build 7 software startups in Silicon Valley and Toronto in sales, business development, and strategic alliance roles.

Prior companies include Versata, BEA (acquired by Oracle), Wakesoft, Voltage Security (acquired by HP), and Infobright.

He also lived in Canada for 5 years. His experience in venture capital at MMV Financial in Toronto gave him a deep understanding of the tech scene in Ontario, as well as the quality of technical talent that exists across Canada.

Marc holds a BS in Finance from San Diego State University, and an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in Canada.

He currently resides in San Francisco, but can often be found in Toronto, Waterloo, Boston, and New York.

“We have unique requirements for engineers, so it’s been a challenge to find the right people in Silicon Valley. We turned to Syndesus to find undiscovered talent in Canada. They were able to bring many qualified candidates to the table, and make it easy for us to hire Canadian engineers. I highly recommend their service.”


syn·de·sus [sin’dĕ-sis]
noun: the state of being linked, or connected
origin: Greek, syn + désis, to bind together