Connecting top U.S. companies with top Canadian talent.

At Syndesus, we specialize in building engineering teams (2-20 people) in Canada for US tech companies. Additionally, we offer Professional Employment Services (PEO) for US companies seeking to employ and payroll Canadian workers across any industry or role.

Syndesus partners with US tech companies to build engineering teams in Canada.

These engineers are not outsourced, they are part of your engineering team—working with Syndesus, you interview, select the candidate, determine compensation, stock options, benefits, and manage the work.

We can help you grow a talented team quickly without the headaches of outsourcing. Right here in North America.

Additionally, we have offer Professional Employment Services (PEO) in Canada. This allows Syndesus to handle the entire process to legally employ workers in Canada for US companies. Services include payroll, HR administration, supplemental healthcare, 401K/retirement plans, and compliance with all Canadian employment laws.

Syndesus offers employment services for any US company, in any industry, that is seeking to employ and payroll workers in Canada.

“Finding top tier engineers in the Silicon Valley continues to be one of the biggest challenges faced by companies like ours. Syndesus worked hard to understand our need and our culture and proved that it had a great network of engineers in Canada. We are very satisfied with the hires that we have made thru Syndesus and I would highly recommend them as a staffing partner.”

-MIKE SMITH, Vice President, People and Talent

syn·de·sus [sin’dĕ-sis]
noun: the state of being linked, or connected
origin: Greek, syn + désis, to bind together